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Define a basic session that shows off basic Evolve use
author Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso <>
date Sat, 08 Mar 2014 21:29:42 -0500
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--- a/basic-session	Sat Mar 08 19:35:00 2014 -0500
+++ b/basic-session	Sat Mar 08 21:29:42 2014 -0500
@@ -1,11 +1,46 @@
 # Let's grab the Python Code of Conduct and have a look
 hg clone
 cd coc
 hg log -G
 # Now let's add a couple of bookmarks
 hg book upstream
 hg book jordi
+# And make two changes
+fold -s -w 72 CodeOfConduct.rst > /tmp/coc && mv /tmp/coc CodeOfConduct.rst
+sed -i 's/ $//' CodeOfConduct.rst
+hg ci -m "Word-wrap CodeOfConduct"
+sed -i 's/Python/Cobra/g' CodeOfConduct.rst
+hg ci -m "Change Python's name to something much cooler"
+# Where were we?
+hg log -G
+hg diff -c 3
+# Wait, Cobra is not a community
+sed -i 's/community/command/g' CodeOfConduct.rst
+hg ci -m "Cobra Command is not a community"
+hg log -G
+# Command should be capitalised
+sed -i 's/command/Command/g' CodeOfConduct.rst
+hg amend
+hg log -G
+# Wait, we forgot to update the README
+hg gdown
+hg log -G
+sed -i "s/Python Software Foundation/Cobra Commander HQ/g" README
+sed -i "s/PSF/CCHQ/g" README
+hg amend
+# What's this about unstable csets?
+hg log -G
+hg evolve --all
+hg log -G
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