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doc: Add explanation of ':' optional input to numel(). * (Fnumel): Add explanation of ':' optional input.
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@@ -2714,7 +2714,7 @@
 @var{a}(@var{idx1}, @var{idx2}, @dots{})\n\
 @end example\n\
-Note that the indices do not have to be numerical.  For example,\n\
+Note that the indices do not have to be scalar numbers.  For example,\n\
@@ -2726,6 +2726,18 @@
 will return 6, as this is the number of ways to index with @var{b}.\n\
+Or the index could be the string @qcode{\":\"} which represents the colon\n\
+operator.  For example,\n\
+@var{a} = ones (5, 3);\n\
+numel (@var{a}, 2, \":\")\n\
+@end group\n\
+@end example\n\
+will return 3 as the second row has three column entries.\n\
 This method is also called when an object appears as lvalue with cs-list\n\
 indexing, i.e., @code{object@{@dots{}@}} or @code{object(@dots{}).field}.\n\